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  • Support for Your Technology Project

    Whether you're looking for funding for technology to improve student literacy or improve public safety response times, federal and state grant programs support a wide range of technology-rich solutions to your community's most pressing issues.

  • Grants Experts
    Meet Technology Professionals

    Grants Office has teamed up with leaders in the technology industry to provide
    comprehensive support to bring your next big idea to life!

Funder Research

Grants Office will identify relevant federal and state funding prospects that could support your technology-rich project.

Strategy Consultation

Expert grants consultants will discuss relevant grant opportunities and answer your questions about these programs.

Proposal Support

When you're ready to apply for a grant, Grants Office will provide tips for maximizing your proposal's competitiveness.

Your Research Report

A Grants Office Research Report may be the first step you take toward making your project a reality, but it shouldn't be the last!.

Most projects begin with a Research Report, but there's a lot more to grants support than research! Grants Office Grants Development Consultants are available to support you in evaluating potential funders and developing a strategy for pursuing funding for your technology project.

Who can get grant support?

K-12 School Districts

Fulfilling the promise of technology to improve educational outcomes at all grade levels.

College Workforce Development

Improving preparation for 21st century careers, including program monitoring & administration.

University Researchers

Enabling and empowering cutting edge research and the IT infrastructure that supports it.

Local Governments

Technology-rich projects for improving the effectiveness of rural and urban governments.

Public Safety Agencies

Leveraging data to protect officers and citizens, improve enforcement, and reduce crime.

Healthcare Providers

Expanding access to better healthcare services for patients, including those in rural areas. .

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