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Title V: Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education - Basic Grant (Texas)

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    Funder Type

    State Government

    IT Classification

    B - Readily funds technology as part of an award


    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)


    The Perkins Basic Grant Program supports Awarded Applicants in educating students who enroll in CTE courses and programs in preparation for high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations. The success of the Awarded Applicant in educating these students will be measured by its ability to meet targets for each of three core indicators established by the U.S. Department of Education for the Perkins Basic Grant Program.

    The Applicant shall identify and describe specific activities and strategies that will be used to meet or exceed the target for each core indicator. The identified activities and strategies shall align with the key CTE programs, activities, and budget items identified in the Performance Improvement Plan for each core indicator. Each activity and strategy shall be quantifiable in terms of its output or (preferably) outcome.

    The Applicant must address one of seven grant activities in their application:

    • Upgrade Curriculum - Activities related to the development/upgrade of CTE curriculum.
    • Professional Development – Activities related to initial teacher preparation and recruitment of CTE teachers, faculty, administrators, and career academic counselors, including those who:
      • Promote the integration of coherent and rigorous academic content standards and CTE curricula, including opportunities for the appropriate academic and CTE teachers to jointly develop and implement curricula and pedagogical strategies, as appropriate;
      • Increase the percentage of teachers who meet teacher certification or licensing requirements;
      • Offer a high quality, sustained, and intensive focus on instruction, and increase the academic knowledge and understanding of industry standards, as appropriate, of CTE teachers;
      • Encourage applied learning that contributes to the academic and career and technical knowledge of the student;
      • Provide the knowledge and skills needed to work with and improve instruction for special populations;
      • Assist in accessing and utilizing student achievement data, and data from assessments; and
      • Promote integration with professional development activities.
    • Guidance and Counseling: Activities that provide access for students (and parents, as appropriate) to information about career awareness and planning, career options, financial aid, and postsecondary options, including baccalaureate degree programs.
    • Instructional Equipment: Purchases to improve the instruction of selected CTE programs and activities to modify or upgrade existing equipment to meet current industry specifications, including new or improved teaching aids. New equipment must be state-of-the-art and purchased to meet industry standards.
    • Special Populations: Activities that raise the academic performance of special populations students to the level of performance of CTE students and that prepare special populations for high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations that will allow them to become self-sufficient.
    • Related Activities – Activities related to program improvement, evaluation, business/industry enrichment, instructional materials, and any related activity that is not identified in Grant Activity Titles 1-6.
    • One-Stop Centers: Activities related to the operation of One-Stop Centers.

    History of Funding

    None is available.

    Additional Information

    No funds received under the Perkins Act may be used to provide career and technical education programs to students prior to the seventh grade, except that equipment and facilities purchased with funds under the Perkins Act may be used by such students.

    The acquisition of furniture (e.g., desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, tables) is not allowable unless it is an integral part of an equipment workstation for instruction or acquired to provide reasonable accommodations for CTE students who are disabled

    Amusement, social activities, and incidental entertainment costs such as alcoholic beverages, gratuities, door prizes, gifts and similar items are not allowable expenditures under this Grant.

    Registration fees may be charged for meetings, conferences, and other activities sponsored or funded by The Perkins Act. Funding provided under this project shall supplement and not supplant state, federal, and local funds. Supplanting of Perkins funds is found to occur in instances in which Perkins funds are used to replace other state, federal, and local funds that had previously supported an activity/purchase.

    No funds will be used to pay for religious worship, instruction, or proselytization, or for any equipment or supplies for such, or for any construction, remodeling, repair, operation, or maintenance of any facility or part of a facility to be used for religious worship, instruction, or proselytization.


    Mindy Nobles


  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are: Texas public post-secondary institutions that offer career and technical education (CTE) courses leading to skill proficiency, an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or a degree.

    Deadline Details

    Letters of Inquiry are to be submitted by July 8, 2022. Applications are to be submitted by July 15, 2022. Application Cover Page and Federal Certifications are to be submitted by July 22, 2022.

    Award Details

    Annual Perkins Basic Grant awards are based on a formula allocation of available federal funds to Eligible Applicants that reflects each Eligible Applicant's number of full-time student equivalents (FTSEs) that participate in CTE programs and receive Pell Grants.

    To qualify for a Grant Award, the Eligible Applicant must have a sufficient number of FTSEs to collectively generate a minimum of $50,000 in the formula. All awards are contingent on the availability of federal funding.

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