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The Meadows Foundation (Texas)

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    The Meadows Foundation (Texas)


    The Meadows Foundation exists to assist people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstances of life for themselves and future generations. The Meadows Foundation strives to exemplify the principles of its founder in addressing basic human needs by working toward the elimination of ignorance, hopelessness and suffering; protecting the environment; providing cultural enrichment; encouraging excellence; and promoting understanding and cooperation among people.

    The Foundation currently makes grants in five categories:

    • Arts and Culture: Algur H. Meadows was a passionate patron of the arts. The directors of the foundation he created carry on his dedication to nurturing and uplifting the people of Texas through support of a variety of arts and cultural programs throughout Texas.
    • Civic and Public Affairs: Through its grant making, The Meadows Foundation seeks to assist communities in developing leadership talent, promoting civic/public collaboration, and improving processes and infrastructures for delivery of services to all residents. It is also deeply committed to supporting environmental programs focused on preserving a sustainable supply of clean water, improving air quality, promoting sustainable energy, protecting the state's plants and wildlife through land and habitat conservation, and developing a culture of public and political support for protecting environmental resources.
    • Education: The Meadows Foundation recognizes that excellence in education extends to both sides of the desk. To ensure that the children of Texas are prepared to meet and make their futures and to provide our state with the human capital needed to compete in a global economy, the Foundation's education grantmaking is targeted at helping students succeed in the early years and throughout K-16, improving poor performing schools, ensuring fewer dropouts, closing achievement gaps, and developing teachers and administrators necessary to meet these objectives. Education grantmaking also targets increasing school enrollment and completion rates in the state's colleges and universities. 
    • Health: With more than one in four Texans uninsured, accessibility to healthcare is an ever-growing concern in our diverse urban and rural communities. Programs that provide prenatal care for expectant mothers, childhood immunizations and pediatric care, specialized care for the elderly, and overall assistance to help Texans lead healthier lives are needed to reduce the burden on our state's emergency and critical care systems.
    • Human Services: Every grant made to nonprofit organizations and programs on the front line of providing human services is an act of appreciation for their work in teaching valuable life and job skills, providing food or shelter, rendering aid and comfort, and offering hope for a better future. 

    Within these categories of giving, there are currently three major initiatives, each with an individual strategic plan:

    • Environment: The Foundation adopted the following overarching goal: To protect and enhance Texas' wildlife and natural resources. To achieve this goal, the foundation has implemented the following objectives and strategies:
      • Water: Preserve a sustainable supply of clean water to support the needs of Texas' residents, wildlife, and natural habitats.
      • Land and Habitat Conservation: Protect Texas' abundant, diverse wildlife through support of projects and initiatives to preserve critically important habitats.
      • Sustainable Energy: Develop energy resources that are economically, biologically, and ecologically sound to meet the growing needs of present and future Texas businesses and residents.
      • Environmental Awareness: Support efforts to develop a culture of public and political support for protecting the state's environmental resources.
    • Mental Health: The Foundation adopted the following overarching goal: Meet the needs of individuals with mental illness and those at risk of developing mental illness throughout Texas. To achieve this goal, the foundation has implemented the following objectives and strategies:
      • Direct Services: Through our competitive grant process, support direct services to individuals with mental illness and to those at risk of developing mental illness.
      • Mental Health Research & Advocacy: Establish the Meadows Mental Health Institute as a premier resource and driver of change to create and promote a vision of high quality mental health care in Texas through research, evaluation, training and policy development.
      • Workforce: Through our competitive grant process, recruit and retain mental health professionals to meet current and future workforce needs.
    • Public Education: The Foundation has set the following priorities for this program:
      • Early Childhood (0-5)
        • Vocabulary
        • Numeracy
        • Socio-emotional Development
      • Kindergarten-12th Grade
        • Early Literacy
        • Teacher and School Leader Preparation
        • Postsecondary Readiness
      • Postsecondary
        • Access
        • Affordability
        • Completion

    The Foundation looks for one or more of the following conditions in an application:

    • Foundation support would be vital or catalytic to a proposed project's success
    • The project is well planned and the agency has the capacity to execute the plan
    • Financial support from other sources exists to ensure that the project will be implemented and continue after the grant period. It will expedite the review process if between one-third and one-half of the needed project funds have been secured before applying.

    History of Funding

    Since its inception, the Foundation has disbursed more than $1.25 billion in grants and direct charitable expenditures to more than 2,000 Texas institutions and agencies. A Portfolio of The foundation's giving can be seen at

    Additional Information

    In general, grants are not made for purposes of:
    • Church or seminary construction
    • Underwriting fundraising events
    • Annual fundraising drives
    • Professional conferences and symposia unless directly related to our initiative areas
    • Out-of-state travel expenses for performances or competition
    • Support of single artistic events or performances
    The Foundation does not lend or grant money to individuals.


    The Meadow Foundation Staff

    The Meadow Foundation Staff
    3003 Swiss Ave.
    Dallas, 75204
    (214) 826-9431

  • Eligibility Details

    Only nonprofit organizations with a 501 (c)(3) determination from the IRS that are based in and provide services for the State of Texas may receive funding.

    Deadline Details

    Applications may be submitted throughout the year. The Foundation's grantmaking body meets at least 10 times per year.

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary by individual proposal.

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