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Woods Hole Sea Grant Program Development Funds

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    Private Foundation

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    C - Funds little to no technology


    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


    The Woods Hole Sea Grant program, based at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), supports research, education, and extension projects that encourage environmental stewardship, long-term economic development, and responsible use of the nation's coastal and ocean resources.

    ?Each year Woods Hole Sea Grant allocates part of its budget for Program Development (PD) funds. Awards are generally for small research projects and proof-of-concept with the intent of seeding an idea for later development into larger funding proposals. Other credible uses of these funds include extension, education, communications, travel, graduate student support, and workshops or conferences. Applicants must express how the proposed project will add value to Woods Hole Sea Grant's research, extension, education, and outreach efforts in the program's current strategic focus areas. Those focuses areas are:

    • Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
      • Issues related to healthy coastal ecosystems on the coast of Massachusetts and in Northeastern U.S. are similar to those issues experienced in other areas of the U.S. coastline.
    • Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture
      • Woods Hole Sea Grant has identified the revitalization of our nation's fisheries and sustainable aquaculture as priority areas that fit within the capacity of the academic and research environment within the region served by our program.
    • Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development
      • Sea Grant has assumed the responsibility to improve the environmental literacy of the general public, to inform teachers and informal educators of new advances in science and technology, to inform decision makers of advances in science that informs policy, and to assist in the training of undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and law students.
    • Resilient Communities and Economies
      • Coastal communities in the U.S. provide a wide range of economic, social, and recreational opportunities. Over one third of the population of Massachusetts lives along the coastline. At the same time, coastal ponds, embayments, open coasts, and coastal resources may be impacted by society's commercial, recreational and residential activities.

    These funds will be provided to projects that align with Woods Hole Sea Grant's strategic goals and objectives. Preference is given to projects for which Sea Grant has a vested interest and those which leverage other resources. Although these funds can be used for workshops, conference, and travel support, less than 25% of the funds will be used in that manner with preference for research, extension, and education-related projects. Development funds are limited such that we often have many more requests for funding than we can support.


    History of Funding

    Previous funded projects can be found here: https://seagrant.whoi.edu/funding-2/program-areas/environmental-literacy-and-workplace-development/

    Additional Information

    Proposal Evaluation Criteria

    1. Alignment with Woods Hole Sea Grant strategic plan
    2. Measurable impact to the State of Massachusetts
    3. Timeliness and urgency of the proposed activity
    4. Potential to leverage other funds
    5. Proof of concept for further development
    6. Commitment from other partners
    7. Fostering relationships with other partners
    8. Innovation and relevance to emerging issues
    9. Timing of decisions, distributions, and amount available

    Applicants are strongly encourage all potential applications to reach out to J\Woods Hole Sea Grant's Research Coordinator via theto discuss project ideas prior to preparing application materials. 


    Jennifer J Crockett

    Jennifer J Crockett
    86 Water St,
    Falmouth, MA 02543

    Aleta Barton

    Aleta Barton
    86 Water St,
    Falmouth, MA 02543
    508 289 2397

    Jennie Rheuban

    Jennie Rheuban
    86 Water St,
    Falmouth, MA 02543
    (508) 289-2665

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible entries are nonprofit organizations.

    Deadline Details

    Rolling deadline application. The Grant management team will make decisions on Program Development awards two times per year.

    Award Details

    Typical awards are $1,000 - $5,000. Projects exceeding $5,000 should be discussed with the Woods Hole Sea Grant director prior to submission. 

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