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Operation Lone Star Grant Program (OLS)

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    Funder Type

    State Government

    IT Classification

    B - Readily funds technology as part of an award


    Texas Office of the Governor


    The purpose of Operation Lone Star Grant Program (OLSGP) is to enhance interagency border security operations supporting Operation Lone Star including funding to help deter and interdict criminal activity related to the border crisis. Program participants shall assist in the execution of coordinated border security operations in an effort to assist:

    Law Enforcement:

    1. Increase the effectiveness and impact of Operation Lone Star;
    2. Reduce border-related criminal activity in Texas;
    3. Implement and increase the effectiveness of operational methods, measures, and techniques for outbound/southbound operations;
    4. Decrease the supply of drugs smuggled into and through Texas from Mexico;
    5. Disrupt and deter operations of gang and cartel criminal organizations;
    6. Decrease specifically targeted tactics (such as conveyance methods) for drugs in the Texas border region;
    7. Decrease use of specific areas for crime as targeted in directed action missions;
    8. Increase the effectiveness of directed action missions based upon intelligence and analysis to ensure they target the most serious threats and are conducted in high pay-off areas;
    9. Increase the number and quality of analytical intelligence products developed at the Unified Command and state levels; and
    10. Increase coordination between local and state law enforcement agencies in planning, execution, and analysis of border security operations. 

    Jail Operations:

    • 11. Increase capacity for detention operations and other supporting functions associated with increased criminal activity due to surges in illegal migration.

    Court Administration:

    • 13. Increase capacity and expediency in the case preparation, magistration, pre/post adjudication proceedings, and criminal trials.

    Indigent Defense:

    • 14. Increase capacity to provide indigent defense to OLS defendants in pre/post-adjudication proceedings, and criminal trials.

    Funding may be used to provide additional personnel, equipment, supplies, contractual support, travel, and training in support of Operation Lone Star activities.

    Eligible uses of funds include, but are not limited to:

    • Law enforcement personnel and overtime costs:
    • Law enforcement equipment & technology, supplies and direct operating expenses or travel and training:
    • Medical Examiner, personnel, equipment and training;
    • Jail operations personnel and overtime costs;
    • Jail operations equipment & technology, construction, supplies and direct operating expenses or travel and training;
    • Court administration personnel and overtime costs:
    • Court administration equipment & technology, supplies and direct operating expenses or travel and training:
    •  Indigent Defense

    History of Funding

    None is available.

    Additional Information

    Grant funds may not be used for:

    • Inherently religious activities such as prayer, worship, religious instruction, or proselytization;
    • Lobbying;
    • Any portion of the salary of, or any other compensation for, an elected or appointed government official;
    • Vehicles or equipment for government agencies that are for general agency use;
    • Weapons, ammunition, tasers, or explosives;
    • Admission fees or tickets to any amusement park, recreational activity or sporting event;
    • Promotional gifts;
    • Food, meals, beverages, or other refreshments, except for eligible per diem associated with grant-related travel;
    • Membership dues for individuals;
    • Any expense or service that is readily available at no cost to the grant project;
    • Any use of grant funds to replace (supplant) funds that have been budgeted for the same purpose through non-grant sources;
    • Fundraising;
    • Any other prohibition imposed by federal, state, or local law.


    Kelly Hopkins

    Kelly Hopkins
    1700 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX 78701
    (512) 463-6198

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are:

    • Units of local government;
    • Federally Recognized Native American tribes;
    • Eligible applicants must be a county or a municipality located in a county that has issued a disaster declaration relating to border security.
    • Preference will be given to eligible applicants within or providing support services to a County that is:
      • a) adjacent to or a portion of which are located within 20 miles of an international border;
      • b) adjacent to two counties located on an international border with a population of more than 5,000 and less than 7,500 according to the most recent federal decennial census;
      • c) adjacent to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, as defined by Section 51.002, Transportation Code;
    • Jurisdictions not physically located within a county described in item 4. above (border county), but applying to provide support services to a jurisdiction that is physically located within a border county must submit a letter of support, memorandum of understanding or other similar documentation from the border county(ies) requesting their supportive services.

    Deadline Details

    Application are to be submitted by August 31, 2022.

    Award Details

    In FY22, a total of $100 million is available for this program. Minimum award is $5000, There is no maximum award. No cost/match is required. Projects must begin on or after 08/01/2022 and may not exceed 08/31/2023.

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