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National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program (Rhode Island)

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    State Government

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    A - Primarily intended to fund technology


    Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)


    The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI) established a formula for how much money is granted to each state for EV charger infrastructure, following the same formula used to distribute funds for road and bridge improvements. Criteria taken into account for projects approved under NEVI are the distance between publicly available EV chargers (generally every 50 miles); how the EV chargers are plugged into the grid, including the use of renewable energy sources to power them; the use of public-private partnerships for publicly available charging; and making them available in rural corridors and underserved or disadvantaged communities.


    History of Funding

    None is available

    Additional Information

    Rhode Island's plan follows the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) format provided at www.driveelectric.gov by the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. In addition to the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation guidance, Rhode Island's overarching strategy for EV charging infrastructure is to use the federal funds to provide the most benefit for the public and to create a sustainable, efficient, and equitable transportation system network. Rhode Island is uniquely dense, with short-run segments supporting local, regional, tourism, and freight traffic. Over the past decade, Rhode Island has collaborated in regional strategies for deploying EVSE to support the emerging EV ecosystem. Various approaches, incentive programs, and funding streams have supported infrastructure investments to continue developing the EV market. In developing this EVSE Plan, they have invested in exploring and promoting incentives, performing outreach, and improving reliability. Data collection and sharing are paramount to optimizing investments and information among agencies to react to public needs. The foundational data sets include publicly available data that capture vulnerable populations, health, transportation access and burden, energy burden, fossil fuel dependence, resilience, and environmental and climate hazards, consistent with Justice40.



  • Eligibility Details

    Rhode Island will seek proposals through an annual competitive solicitation process. Entities eligible to apply will include, but not be limited to, EV charger service providers, potential station owners/site hosts, electric utilities, businesses, local governments, and nonprofit organizations. Proposals will be required to identify EVSE providers, station owners, and specific site locations and specifications.

    Deadline Details

    Deadline is TBA.

    Award Details

    Rhode Island will receive $23 million over five years.

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